Senselove is created by women with an entrepreneurial mindset and the necessary skills, to offer tailored services to each customer, your event is in the care of our experts through the planning, design and coordination of weddings, corporate and social events.

We offer you

That every single detail will add up something special in order to achieve our goal, always focusing on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Servicios para bodas


We create a plan in order to fulfill your most unbelievable dreams, always offering you a viable solution.

Servicios para bodas

Peace of Mind

One of our main purposes is that our clients feel they are being listened to and looked after during the whole process, with our empathy and follow-up.

Servicios para bodas


We promote trust by providing quality services. Senselove strongly believes that honesty is essential to build a healthy relationship with our clients.

Servicios para Bodas


Transparency is the best way to show excellent control at every stage of our service, making your event as unforgettable as you dreamed of.

Servicios para bodas

Minute by Minute

The timeline of your event is based on the planning. We are professionals deeply involved in fulfilling a minute by minute basis to guarantee the success of your event.

Organización de bodas


Senselove works surrounded by a selected group of allies that share the same commitment to provide the quality and service we look for to meet your needs and desires. It is never easy to find what you want, but Senselove will look it up for you.

Wedding Planner

Wow Factor

Creative moments are the ones that we will always remember. Our mission is creating magic in every single event.

Wedding Planner


Senselove will make your senses perceive the details created by our team of professionals, following the idea of our clients for their event. We always seek to be authentic.

Servicios de organización de boda


We adapt to your ideas, budget and design of your event. Senselove plans and coordinates all kind of events and/or services.

Walks, parties and events on the high seas.



50 PEOPLE FOR $ 55,000 MNX

Valid when leaving your event before December 30.

Applies for events in 2019 and 2020

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We are a group of Event & Wedding Designers and Coordinators with a vast knowledge and experience in Cancun and Playa del Carmen areas. We have alliances with suppliers that guarantee the required services for each event.

Gabriela Cruz Cedillo

Event & Wedding Planner in Cancún & Riviera Maya.

Wedding Planner Cancun  
Graciela Pacheco Basave

Event & Wedding Planner in Cancún & Riviera Maya.

Wedding Planner Playa del Carmen
Asociación de Coordinadores Independientes de Bodas y Eventos Profesionales AC
Asociación de Coordinadores Independientes de Bodas y Eventos Profesionales AC
Proveedor Certificado INIBEP
Proveedor Certificado INIBEP

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